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William (Will) Huebner


Drums Instructor


B.A. Music/Percussion with a Minor in Marketing, U.N.T.


Accepting Students

Will Huebner is a drummer/percussionist hailing from coastal plains of Brazoria, Texas. While growing up in a small town he found a curiosity and passion for music. The public school curriculum of classical, marching and jazz left his thirst for knowledge unquenched, leading to active involvement in the local music scene and performing praise and worship for various churches in the area.

Upon arriving in Denton, Texas to study music at UNT, Will sought to carve his own path studying as many styles as possible with masters Jose Aponte(Latin Jazz, Afrocuban, Brazilian), Henry Okstel (Jazz), Mike Drake(Jazz), Gideon Alorwoyie (African), and others. He frequently found himself performing world styles with the UNT Steel Bands, African Ensemble, Gamelan, Affo-cuban Ensembles, Brazillian Ensemble and Latin Jazz. This opened opportunities to perform alongside world class musicians such as Luis Conte, Andy Narell, Valerie Naranjo, and Ignacio Berroa and more.

Outside of his academia, Will made it a priority to write and perform as much as possible to bolster his study with real world experience. From working in top 40 and praise and worship bands, to folk, hip hop, math rock, metal and dance accompaniment, he couldn’t get enough. This lead to becoming a founding member and touring across the country with Denton based DIY Ska-Punk band The Holphonics.

Being a driven person with a passion for music, Will seeks to connect students with music in ways that inspire their own passion! From solving complex rhythmic puzzles through technical prowess, to personal expression on the drums or just chasing that feeling when a chorus hits, his goal is to enrich lives and connect people through music.

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