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Adult Music Lessons

Shake hands with the maestros who will guide your journey, have your curiosities addressed and your concerns cleared up, and immerse yourself in where the musical magic happens.



Embark on a musical adventure with Lone Star Music Academy's Adult Music Lessons in Flower Mound. Tailored for individuals from diverse backgrounds and experience levels, our program offers an immersive learning experience in a welcoming and vibrant environment. Whether you're a beginner eager to explore, or an experienced musician aiming to refine your skills, our private lessons are designed to yield remarkable results. Dive into learning new instruments or master your favorite one, all while having a fantastic time in the process.

What sets our program apart is our team of nearly 40 instructors, each with an impressive educational background and real-world performance experience. Our teachers, many of whom hold Master’s degrees or higher in music, bring a wealth of knowledge from their experiences in various academic and performance settings, including university-level teaching. Their commitment to understanding your personal musical goals means every lesson is a step towards achieving your aspirations.

Our instructors are not only educators but also acclaimed performing artists, with accolades from prestigious competitions and active national and international performance careers. They bring this rich experience to their teaching, offering insights into the music industry and success as artists. Whether you're interested in classical, pop, rock, metal, jazz, blues, gospel, or country, our teachers are equipped to guide you in the style you love. Their friendly, personable nature and passion for teaching will motivate and inspire you to elevate your musical endeavors, regardless of your current skill level.

Join us at Lone Star Music Academy for a fulfilling musical experience in Flower Mound. Our Adult Music Lessons are perfect for those taking their first steps in music or seasoned musicians looking to further their skills. We offer a comprehensive approach to music education, ensuring you understand and excel at a remarkable pace. Experience the joy and enrichment that comes from learning music in an environment that celebrates progress and passion. To learn more about our Adult Music Lessons and to join our community, simply fill out the form below and step into the world of music with us.

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Viola & Violin
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