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Early Childhood Music

Shake hands with the maestros who will guide your journey, have your curiosities addressed and your concerns cleared up, and immerse yourself in where the musical magic happens.

3 to 5


Our program is designed to lay a solid musical foundation for young learners in a nurturing and inspiring environment. With private lessons tailored to their developmental stage, your child receives undivided attention from our expert instructors. These university-trained professionals are not just adept in music but are also passionate about working with young children. Their warm, inviting, and patient approach ensures your child develops a lifelong love and appreciation for music.

Our program is more than just music lessons; it’s a journey of growth and discovery. As our young students advance musically, they gain opportunities to showcase their talents in exciting recitals, fun festivals, and competitions. These platforms are not just for performance but are stepping stones to building confidence, character, and a sense of community among young musicians. Our events, including two annual recitals hosted at our own facility, are designed for the convenience of both students and parents, fostering a family-like atmosphere within our academy.

At Lone Star Music Academy, we pride ourselves on nurturing exceptional musicians. Whether your child is a beginner or has some musical experience, we offer guidance in a variety of instruments, helping them to excel and potentially participate in music theory tests, festivals, auditions, and competitions. Our students often return with medals and trophies, a testament to their hard work and our commitment to excellence. Many of our students have achieved great success, winning competitions and securing collegiate-level scholarships, reflecting the high standard of our training.

Join us at Flower Mound today and give your child the gift of music. Our Early Childhood Music Program is more than just learning notes and rhythms; it’s about developing a sense of belonging in a community of friends and mentors, growing in confidence, and striving for personal bests. It's a journey towards becoming not just a musician, but an amazing musician. Start this musical adventure by filling out the form below and become a part of the Lone Star Music Academy family, where every child’s musical potential is valued and nurtured.

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3 to 5
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Monday to Sunday
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