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Kids Private Music Lessons

Shake hands with the maestros who will guide your journey, have your curiosities addressed and your concerns cleared up, and immerse yourself in where the musical magic happens.

5 years and older


At Lone Star Music Academy, we're committed to fostering musical talent in Flower Mound and beyond. Our extensive range of musical lessons is designed to cater to budding musicians and experienced players alike. We recognize that each student's journey in music is unique, and we offer instruction tailored specifically to their needs and aspirations. Our academy serves as a vibrant hub where a passion for music meets expert guidance, creating the perfect environment for those just beginning or continuing their musical voyage.

Music has the power to enrich lives, and our Private Music Lessons are structured to unlock this potential. If your child has previous experience but hasn't received comprehensive training, or if they're simply drawn to the world of music and eager to develop their skills, our academy offers the ideal setting for their musical journey. Our lessons go beyond teaching notes and rhythms; they're about positively impacting every aspect of life through the joy of music.

Our commitment at Lone Star Music Academy is to provide focused, one-on-one instruction that inspires and sets students on the path to mastering their chosen instrument. We believe in nurturing a strong, healthy, and fulfilling hobby that can be a creative outlet for people of all ages. Our academy is a welcoming space for the entire Flower Mound community, respecting and nurturing each student's individual development. We emphasize well-rounded training that fosters creativity and enhances abilities, with children's lessons starting at age 5 and Early Childhood programs from age 3.

Join us at Lone Star Music Academy for the finest Private Music Lessons in Flower Mound. Watch as your child grows not just in musical skills, but also in confidence and creativity. Our professional instructors are here to make a positive impact through the art of music, welcoming local residents and those from surrounding areas. Discover how our tailored lessons can help develop your child's creative space and contribute to their personal growth in a supportive and enriching environment. To embark on this musical journey, simply fill out the form below and let us guide your child towards achieving their musical dreams.

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Viola & Violin
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5 years and older
30, 45, 60 min
Monday to Sunday
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